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Below we’ve gathered a collection of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) in an effort to better serve you. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us directly.

Q. How do I see where my loved one is serving his or her prison sentence?

A. Visit the Department of Corrections website. On the left hand side, scroll down to “Inmate Search”. Click on “Inmate Search” and enter either the person’s name or inmate number.

Q. How do I find out if I have a warrant?

A. The quickest way to check is on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s “Techno Cops” link. You can also look at the Arizona Public Court Case information at the following link:

Caution: Some warrants are sealed, for example: a Grand Jury Indictment warrant, or not updated in the system so it is still possible you have a warrant; however, the aforementioned website generally provides this information. If you want a particular court checked out, call our office and we will do an inquiry for you at little or no cost.

Q. Where are the jails in Phoenix?

A. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office website has details regaring each jail in Maricopa County. Click on the link provided and the look under the “Jail Information” tab for the particular jail you need information for.

Q. How do I look the case history or minute entries for a case?

A. If you are looking for information related to a felony case in Maricopa County Superior Court, this information is available to the public on the Superior Court website. When on the site, enter either a name or case number.

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