Criminal Defense

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Areas of Criminal Law Representation Provided

If charged with one or more of the following crimes in Phoenix, please call (602) 252-5601 or click here for professional representation.

Aggravated Assault
Armed Robbery
Credit Card Fraud
Criminal Damage
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence
DUI (Alcohol & Drugs)
Extreme & Super Extreme DUI
Identity Theft
Misconduct Involving Weapons
Murder – First Degree, Second Degree
Violations of Order of Protection (Interference with Judicial Proceedings)
Possession of Drugs
Possession of Drugs for Sale
Resisting Arrest
Sexual Offenses
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Assault (rape)
Sexual Conduct with a Minor
Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
Sexual Trafficking
Molestation of a Child
Theft of Means of Transportation (Automobile Theft)
Trafficking Stolen Property
Unlawful Use of Means of Transportation

Cases Our Phoenix Law Firm Handles

We provide legal representation for the following case types.

Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Cases in Superior and City Court
Initial Appearance Hearings (Release Conditions)
Civil Forfeiture of Property
Request for Bond if non-bondable (Simpson Hearing)
Request for Bond Reduction Hearings
Extradition and Fugitive of Justice Hearings
Probation Violation Hearings
Request for Early Termination of Probation
Request for Restoration of Rights
Motions to Set Aside Convictions
Motion to Designate Conviction as a Misdemeanor
Traffic Citations – Civil and Criminal

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